Development of a New Campus at Pázmány Péter Catholic University

In the interest of supporting the education tasks performed by the Pázmány Péter Catholic University (PPCU), the National Assembly of Hungary has, by way of Act XVI of 2020, transferred ownership of the property housing the former Hungarian Radio buildings in the Palotanegyed district of Józsefváros (Budapest District VIII) to the ownership of the University’s operator, the Hungarian Catholic Bishops’ Conference, for education, research, cultural, and religious use. The Government has also provided the support necessary for preparing the new campus for the PCCU’s operations in Budapest.

With almost 8 thousand students and the figure expected to grow, the PPCU is one of Hungary’s best and most significant higher education institutions.

After a number of large-scale university developments, the PPCU project is currently one of the most substantial higher education-related investment projects. Its primary aim is to concentrate Catholic university life in Budapest around a clearly delineated area, supporting the development and affirmation of a “Pázmány” identity, which can provide students with life-long personal and institutional connections. The Institution currently performs education and research activities in a number of locations. The creation of this new center will provide these with a suitable venue in the heart of Budapest, becoming a vibrant scene of university life in the city’s fabric.

The State is closely cooperating with the Hungarian Catholic Bishops’ Conference and the PPCU in preparing the project aimed at the expansion and development of the PPCU’s new educational buildings, ensuring that the requirements of all parties involved are met. One of the strategic objectives is to decrease the education organization issues caused by the current fragmentation, to improve the quality of education, to provide services to both students and teachers that meet today’s requirements, and to increase the University’s competitiveness.

The development of the PPCU’s Budapest property also aims to meet the challenges of innovation: laboratories and IT and technical research facilities will be built, ensuring the University can become increasingly integrated in scientific life both in Hungary and on the international front. This requires suitable research centers and libraries. Additionally, the PPCU Campus will also have a sports field, which is unique as regards its location in the city center: it is expected to be used by both other institutions and the residents of the District, naturally with conditions to be agreed on, ensuring a high level of utilization. The newly built dormitory offers great possibilities for University students, alleviating the chronic shortage of dormitory rooms in an excellent location for both studying and social life in close proximity to the University.

Preparations for one of the largest Church higher education projects is currently under way: the draft planning process has been closed after the unanimous decision of the professional assessment committee, the design contract has been concluded, and the preliminary design has been adopted in the planning process.

The large-scale campus development project is an excellent example of the wide range of cooperation between the State, the local government, and churches, and even urban development.