28 April 2023 18:48

The present of the Hungarian Catholic Bishops’ Conference: an art replica of the Mother of God icon of Máriapócs

The original icon of Máriapócs is itself a replica, painted after the first weeping icon had been taken to Vienna. In 1715, the replica wept as well. For the Holy Father, a reproduction of this second icon was painted, in almost the same size as the original, 50x70 cm. It was made on wood panel, with acrylic technique, using real gold leaf and embossing on the halo, which was received by the original after the restoration. This icon is important to Greek and Roman Catholics alike, and giving it as a gift to Pope Francis expresses the love with which the Virgin Mary protects the Hungarian people through her miracles.

28 April 2023 08:05

Pope Francis arrived in Budapest

And thus, Pope Francis has begun his 41st international apostolic journey. Between April 28-30 in Budapest, he will meet with leaders of political and religious life, with the clergy, the youth, the poor, refugees and with  representatives of university life.

28 April 2023 06:24

The Holy Father's plane takes off from Rome and heads for Budapest

27 April 2023 09:46

Information for journalists

Accredited members of the press will be able to collect their accreditation at the Press Centre of the Radisson Blu Béke Hotel (1067 Budapest, Teréz krt. 43.) between 3 pm and 7 pm on 27 April 2023.

Those who are unable to collect their accreditation today will have the opportunity to do so on 28 April 2023 at the same location from 8 am. Access to each venue will be confirmed by the accreditation body, not by the press centre. The exception is the Papp László Budapest Sportarena, where the press centre will issue passes on the basis of a confirmed list.

18 April 2023 12:22

Information on permitted and prohibited objects at the Kossuth Square Holy Mass and other events featured in the papal visit


• glass objects, glass bottles, metal cans
• bicycles, scooters
• pyrotechnic substances
• explosive, flammable, or poisonous materials, any objects containing such materials, firearms, stabbing, piercing, hitting, or cutting implements, and any other objects dangerous to public safety
• alcoholic drinks, drugs
• drones or any other remote controlled devices or games
• any advertisements, symbols, posters, or banners that are contrary to the event’s purpose or spirituality
• live animals (with the exception of the assistance and guide dogs defined by law)


• Flagpoles and any other poles for signs or posters may not exceed 1.5 m in length
• Only small, folding, camping chairs are permitted
• plastic bottles

18 April 2023 08:33

The Religion Editorship of the MTVA (Media Service Support and Asset Management Fund) From start to finish, we will be at all of the locations of the papal visit

Six large-scale live broadcasts in three days, a documentary series on the thousand-year relations between the Holy See and Hungary, documentaries on the location’s visits, minute-long etudes on Pope Francis’s thoughts, a look behind the scenes: this is just a sampling of what the public media is preparing for the Pope’s visit. Magyar Kurír’s interview with Kolos Andrónyi, head of the MTVA Religion Editorship.

“What programs is the public media preparing for Pope Francis’s visit?”

“Our documentary series on the thousand-year old relations between the Holy See and Hungary, entitled Christ is Our Future, is ready to be aired. The program called Everyday provides snippets of Pope Francis’s thoughts, using quotes in minute-long etudes to address viewers of the media. A documentary is being prepared regarding each of the locations featured in the visit, which thematically brings viewers close to St. Stephen’s Basilica, the László Batthyány Roman Catholic Children’s Home for the Blind, the church on Rózsák Square, and the Pázmány Péter Catholic University, all with an eye on the purpose of the pontifical visit.”

The interview is available in Hungarian HERE.

13 April 2023 14:45

The Official Song of Pope Francis’s Apostolic Journey to Hungary is Ready

The official song of the pontifical visit is ready, and it is called “Camino – Christ is our future.”

Attila Dolhai, Renáta Szűcs, Szandi, Bogi Nagy, Gergő Dánielfy, and Márton Vizy worked on the cover of the musical number “Camino” originally written by Márton Vizy and Dávid Ágoston Tóth, giving it a symphonic accompaniment for the Pope’s visit.

The song, which is about perseverance and victory over darkness, comes at a historic moment when Pope Francis calls on all people of good will to promote peace.

“Camino” is one of the biggest hits from the musical about the life and tribulations of Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Jesuit Order. Symbolically, we traverse the same pilgrimage as the Saint.

The song will premiere on April 29, 2023 in the László Papp Sports Arena, prior to the arrival of Pope Francis.

It will be performed by: Attila Dolhai, Szandi, Bogi Nagy, Reni Szőcs, Gergő Dánielfy, and the author of the song, MártonVizy, together with Forráspont Band and the members of the 4 Akkord Show Chorus.

The official song is available HERE.

06 April 2023 12:12

Pope Francis visits Hungary’s Greek Catholics

On April 29, the second day of the Pope’s apostolic journey, the Holy Father will meet with the poor and with refugees on Rózsák Square. After the meeting, Pope Francis will proceed from the Church of St. Elizabeth of Hungary to the Greek Catholic Church of the Intercession of the Theotokos, where he will primarily meet with the faithful of the parish.

It is a source of great joy that the head of the Catholic Church considers it important to be able to meet with Hungary’s Greek Catholics. Let us continue to pray that this pastoral visit will bring spiritual renewal to the entire Hungarian nation, to the Catholic Church, and also to the Hungarian Greek Catholic Church!

Source: Archdiocese of Hajdúdorog

05 April 2023 11:39

A Special Chasuble is being made for Pope Francis’s Visit

The Bishop of Rome and the concelebrating priests will celebrate mass at Kossuth Square in a special chasuble designed and made specifically for the occasion. The liturgical cloths were designed by the artist Orsolya Fecske SSS upon commission of the Hungarian Catholic Bishops’ Conference.

The chasuble is dominated by the colors white and gold, which refer to the Easter Season. The design extends to the chasuble, stole, miter, cope, and the dalmatics for deacons.

The graphic design is based on the event’s motto: Christ is our future. The main ornament on the chasuble depicts the risen Christ, seen as a white contour of light on a gold background. Two rivulets lead from his heart (symbolizing blood and water), which grow to form a river. The blue in the river is the same color as that of the sky above the head of the risen Christ, forming a bridge between the Earth and Heaven, also evoking the Virgin Mary.

The vestments can be viewed HERE.

29 March 2023 15:46

Conference at the Blessed László Batthyány-Strattmann Home for the Blind

In preparation for the private visit of Pope Francis, the Blessed László Batthyány-Strattmann Catholic Social Institution, Kindergarten, Primary School, and Special Children’s Home for the Blind held a celebratory conference on March 28, both as a presentation of the institution and to pay homage to its namesake. The main patron of the event was András Veres, President of the Hungarian Catholic Bishops’ Conference and the patron was Margit Batthyány-Schmidt, Chairperson of the Hungarian Batthyány Foundation.

Pope Francis’s apostolic journey to Hungary is scheduled to include a private visit to the Blessed László Batthyány-Strattmann Catholic Social Institution on Saturday, April 29.

Both young and old are greatly looking forward to the honor: the conference was held as part of the preparations to receive the Holy Father, with the celebrations also remembering the namesake of the institution who was beatified by Pope John Paul II exactly 20 years ago (on March 23, 2003).

The Magyar Kurír news portal’s report of the event in available in Hungarian HERE.