Gifts for Pope Francis at “Blessed László Batthyány-Strattmann” Institute for the Blind

Pope Francis received a traditional flat bag and a felt rosary at “Blessed László Batthyány-Strattmann” Institute for the Blind. Everyone working in the workroom of the institute took part in creating the presents for the Pope. Generally small homespuns, flat bags, rugs, felt rosaries, felt jewelry are made in the workshop by the young, besides doing basketry. For the Holy Father’s bag, the colours blue and white, yellow and white were chosen, referring to Pope Francis’s homeland Argentina and the Vatican, respectively. The felt rosary is also yellow and white, bearing a “tau” made of white ashwood, carved by the head of the institution, György Inotay. The Pope was also presented with a letter written in Braille and Italian, and a letter telling the story of the healing of a blind boy.